Collection Post: Snover, Abomasnow, Pumpkaboo
This post is for reference purposes as well as to show off my collections <3

Snover Pokedoll and my custom Shiny Abomasnow plush made by Sorjei.

Custom Snover Sculpture made by sorjei (his arm keeps falling off xD)
Snover and Abomasnow Zukan
Abomasnow keshipoke? and some kind of european figure

Snover line charms, the normal abomasnow in the mega set is exactly the same pose, but the metal used is a different color.. I had two snovers and decided to just keep both :3

The battrio I currently have, I'm always looking for more that I don't have!

The favorite part of my collection, my metal figures! I want to eventually get all of the colors <3

All of the kid figures! I spent a pretty penny on the clear snover, but it was worth it! I'm hoping that I can get shiny repaints done on my extras.
photo 1 (4)
My VS. collection so far! I'm still missing a few!

My amada stickers! I've bought a ton of these so I have quite a few extras xD The glittery are my favorite though, so I could use as many as possible.

Pan stickers! I love these things, and I believe I have all of the snover line ones.

All of my custom drawings and stickers and such! They're all so well made, I can't wait to have a space to show them off like they should be.

Some flats, including the kid card and a snover bromide card.

My snover pokedoll tag, pogs, magnets, and puzzle pieces!

The random stickers I've picked up here and there on the comm! I wish snover and abomasnow poses had more variety.

One of my favorite pieces! This is the 2009 snover page, I got it for a very nice price from kittay752 (who also made the super adorable snover sniffing the flower :3)

I have the grass-type clearfile as well! I wish they had put them on the ice type clearfile :c

I'm a bit obsessed with getting every language snover card out there.. so bear with my like 5 pages of cards

I love the special teddi/snover card! It's not only my favorite but my most expensive Snover/Abomasnow TCG piece!

Abomasnows :D


My pumpkaboo MPC and DX plush <33

Some of the official items I own, the We Are Team Rocket can badge, pumpkaboo charm set, the keychain and the We Are Team Rocket Keychain!

Pumpkaboo trozei sticker and some customs. I love the egg charm, I wish I had gotten some more of the set!

My pumpkaboo and phantump TCG, I should be getting the Japanese versions here pretty soon.

Sales Post
For TCG sales feel free to ask about nonholo cards that are not here. I have plenty more I just don't have time to take pictures of the 4000+ nonholos. I have preBW holos as well; just ask. If you have a list of TCG wants be sure to show me!

General Information/Rules:
*I ship from Pennsylvania, US.
*I was granted sales permission by entirelycliched on 1/9/13.
*Community feedback is here:
*The first to commit to buy gets the item.
*I have a ton of pets(cats, dogs, birds, hamsters), but the home is smoke-free.
*Feel free to haggle.

*I ship internationally.
*Payment due within 72 hours.
*I only accept Paypal for payment.
*Postage will be in a small bubble wrap package for international, but US customers may request an envelope for flat/small purchases.
*Minimum purchase must be $2.
*I'm a slow shipper, so keep that in mind when you're buying from me.
*Payment must be sent to
*Shipping starts at $1 for flats in an envelope or $2 in bubble wrapper in the US or $2.50 for international in bubble wrapper. Tracking etc costs extra.Only items that can fit into bubble wrapper will be shipped to international locations.

TCG Sales - The majority here are Holo or Reverse Holo
*Keep in mind I have multiples of some cards*
BW-on prices unless otherwise specified:
Normal: 25 cents
Holo: 50 cents
Reverse Holo: 60 cents

Full Art Kyogre EX - $15
Promo Keldeo EX - $7
Articuno EX - currently not for sale
Holo Empoleon - $1

nonholo Glaceon - 50 cents


Celebi Prime - $3
RH Leafeon - $1

Nonholo Accelgor - $1

Holo Promo Pansear - $1

Espeon Prime - $4
nonholo Giratina - $1
Gardevoirs - $1.50

nonholo espeon - 50 cents

Promo Meloetta - 50 cents



Full Art Thundurus - $5
Promo Zekrom - $5
Reverse Holo Zekrom $1.50
Promo Thundurus - $3



Terrakion - $2


Promo Meloetta - 50 cents

Promo Riolu - 50 cents

Promo Typhlosion Prime - $2
Typhlosion Prime - $2
Reverse Holo Emboar - $2
Reverse Holo Reshiram #1 - $3
Reverse Holo Reshiram #2 - $2
Holo Reshiram #1 - $1.50
Holo Reshiram #2 - $2.50


Chandelure - $1.50
Ninetales $3

RH Flareon - $1

Holo Victini - $2
RH Victini - $2.50

Full Art Tornadus - $5
Reverse Holo Tornadus - $1.50

RH Tornadus - $1.50
Cinccino (second one) - 60 cents

Promo Axew - 75 cents

Houndoom PRime - $3
Darkrai Lv. X - $2
Reverse Holo Umbreons - $1.50 each
Zoroarks - $1 each
Zoroark - $2
McDonalds Purrloin - $3




Full Art Black Kyurem - $18
White Kyurem EX - $8

Play-by-Play Blastoise (tush tag only, in great condition) - $15
Play-by-Play Squirtle (tush tag only, eye paint is screwed up and may need washed) - $5
KFC Vulpix (MWT, never taken out of package) - $20
Banpresto Darkrai (has both tags, but hang tag is ripped) - $10
Banpresto Cresselia (tush tag only but in good condition) - $8
Mini Darkrai Pokedoll from House Promotion (minty, but out of package) - $10
Pikachu Plush with bell inside (MWT great condition) - $8
Talking Chimchar Plush (tush tag only, still talks, but has some stains that can be out with a wash) - $10

Front Row 50 cents, back $1 unless otherwise noted. Some of these have scuffs and marks on them.

Clear Vulpix - $5
Sold: Bayleef

Some kind of book flip out pages.
Back Row - 25 cents each
Front Row - 50 cents each

Magnets and Stickers and Flats
Croagunk line set - $1.25
Hippopotas set - 50 cents
Wormadam magnet - 25 cents
Skorupi line set - 75 cents
Budew line set - $1.50
Kricketot line set - $1
Grotle line set - 75 cents
Cherubi set - 50 cents

Chimchar book piece, Finneon book piece, Raticate flat, Weedle flat, Sceptile flat, Koffing flat, Paras flat, Bellsprout flat, Lombre flat, Venusaur flat, Lunatone sticker, Machamp sticker - 25 cents each
Nidoking flat, Snover Amada Stickers, Ponyta sticker, Shroomish sticker - 50 cents each
Swablu sticker sheet (swablus not for sale) - 75 cents per Pokemon sticker and 25 cents per item sticker - All Absols gone
Electabuzz Zukan - $2

amazing get + some wants

Just to let participants know, we lost the Magikarp and friends GA. :( We were way too far from the current bid by the time I checked again. Anyway in the meantime I was able to get this cutie who will be my travel buddy :D

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Wants Post

The complete set of PMD houses

Wants: (in no particular order)

Any Figures of favorite pokemon that I do not currently own
-especially metal figures or kids (no vulpix), stampers are also top priority.

Piplup, Chimchar, Turtwig and Pikachu straps above!

Please note that for all Pokedolls I do not want the newer JP pokedoll tag ones or the 2010-on US tag ones!!

croagunk pokedoll MWT

cyndaquil canvas plush mwt

Chatot Pokedoll MWT

MWT Cherrim Pokedoll

2006 JP Turtwig Pokedoll MWT

2006 JP Piplup Pokedoll MWT

buneary pokedoll MWT

2006 Cyndaquil Pokedoll MWT

Ambipom Pokedoll

Aipom Pokedoll MWT

Shaymin Pokedoll MWT

GIratina Land Form MWT

Palkia Pokedoll MWT

Swablu line zukan

Mismagius Pokedoll MWT!

Spiritomb Pokedoll MWT

spirtomb zukan

Drifloon Canvas MWT

Drifloon line zukan

Stuff I want but will probably never find:

retsuden stamps from DP.
- Also want: snovers, abomasnows, mismagius, drifloon versions of these!

2008 Christmas Clearfile

The 2008 Pokemon Calendar

2008 TCG Countdown Calendar

Pokecen bandana


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